EN – Fremo Meeting Mammendorf 2021

We had a great Fremo H0-RE Meeing in Mammendorf. From Saturday Evening until Wednesday Lunchtime we run 4 (5?) schedules packed with interesting features and highlights.

The layout by Christian and schedule by Jerôme where very enjoying and we run 36 Locos distributed accross the schedule. In addition to this we had a Italian and a Swiss day with mainly E-Locomotives from that country at the power line branch of the layout.

A BIG Thank you to Dirk and his family and friends who runs the kitchen and to all person that contriubuted to this meeting and are not listed here!


  • Station “Spalting” as the new epi-center of this layout featuring the new software and hardware for switching, signaling and detection of vehicles in a layout
  • Station “Hochgries” as new built station that featured also the new hard- and software
  • Station “Bennewitz&Wichern / Zufferey” – an existing station that moved to the new hard- and software setup as well.

    It was the first meeting for “Hochgries” and “Bennewitz&Wichern / Zufferey“ with this setup and the second meeting for “Spaltwil”. All the three stations where mostly fully functional with very little issues and impact to the schedule. We where able to detect Locomotives and waggons in reach of the station (inside plus feeding tracks).
    On the layout we had around 70 fright waggons with prepared axles (Method Matthias Meeh) providing resistance between 9k and up t 18k. All worked fine and where detected flawlessly.
    Next step will be a fully functional Block between these stations.
    Many thanks to Stephan F. and Christian H. that we took of to this adventure!


Güterverkehr über die Alpen – Video v. A. Thobaben
Video von Rolf Moser
Video von Rolf Moser


Picture from Rolf M.

Picture from Thomas K.

Gallery from Michael H.

Gallery from Axel T.


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