EN / DE – The Language indicator within my Website

Dear Visitor

You might end up on this Website because you searched in the context of the FREMO and the FREMO-Interlocking for Elekdra or ELUI…

At the moment i make myself familiar with the concepts behind Elekdra and ELUI – During my experiments and tests I try to document my findings in a way that allows me and others to reproduce my results.

Based in german speaking switzerland I will begin in German Language – indicated by the “DE-” prefix for “Deutsch”. If something is available in English it will be marked with the prefix “EN-“. Both prefixes are used in the Categories that feed my menu on this website so that you can choose from their you preferred language.

An alternative would be to set up a Google-Translate Module that translates the entire website – but I am not convinced how this deals with directory paths in written text or how German-Englisch Mixes will be translated. So I choosed the “hard” way doing it manual.

This causes a more or less big gap between the German and English Translations. And because of Model Rail Roading is a Hobby – I can not invest too much time into it… .

Thanks for your understanding!

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